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Girls Tech Power is back for a second edition of its

Bootcamp in November 2022 !

The aim of Girls Tech Power Bootcamps is to immerse young girls in the world of tech, for 2 days, in a fun and friendly environment. 

Bootcamp #1 - July 2021

Girls Tech Power Bootcamp

The makers'lab

To deliver the most qualitative and enriching experience to our participants, we've partnered with

emlyon business school's makers' lab who will be hosting the event.  

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The makers' lab is a unique space dedicated to creativity and learning by doing. It provides access to multiple resources such as computers, coding softwares and 3D printers. 

makers lab 2.jpg

The makers' lab is also a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who  use diverse pedagogical formats to demystify concepts like artificial intelligence, connected objects (IoT) and the Web. Driven by our shared values of inclusivity and gender equality, they have agreed to develop tailored and adapted pedagogical content for the purpose of the bootcamp. 

The tech sector 

Tech is at the very heart of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution which is shaping the world for generations to come.

It is essential that women take part in these transformations and engage in the conversation.

Whether you're listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify, stepping in an automated metro, or facetiming your best friend, technology is all around us and permeates every aspect of our lives. In the recent years, there has been so many technological breakthroughs (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, crypto currency...) that we now find ourselves at the cusp of a whole new technological revolution known as the 4th industrial revolution. 

Never before has tech evolved at such a rapid pace and it is massively reshaping our economic, social, cultural and personal lives. This requires us as society to cooperate and develop a shared view of its evolution and future direction. Hence, diversity and representation is key within this sector.


Women represent only  27% of the workforce in the digital sector.¹


Only 9% of programmers  are women.²


Only 1 out of 10 

 computer science student is a  woman.³

The gender gap in tech

Without Women@Dior,

there would be no Girls Tech Power Bootcamp

Women@Dior is a unique mentoring program created by the House of Christian Dior Couture in 2017 to empower young women.  


As part of our involvement in this program, we had the opportunity to receive an online course of Women Leadership & Sustainability, and to put what we learned into practice by creating a local and concrete project that supports the empowerment of young girls: the “Dream for Change” project.

Among almost 100 propositions, our project, the Girls Tech Power Bootcamp, has been selected by the Maison Dior and UNESCO jury as one of the 3 most inspiring and impactful Dream for Change Projects !

Our mission, our vision
our values

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Our Mission

icon fusee.png

Our Vision

icon valeur.png

Our Values

Our goal is to inspire young girls, and make them see their potential within a sector that offers countless opportunities and possibilities ! We want to arouse their curiosity and get them to open doors they hadn’t thought of opening.

We dream that future generations of women fully take their part in shaping our society and the future of humanity. We dream that domains such as Tech, vector of change and human development, become characterised by inclusivity and diversity. 

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